Question: What does it cost to join Appraiser-Directory.com?
Answer: The listing fee is as low as $30.00/year, $40.00 for a two year and $45.00 for a three year listing. We feel this is a very fair cost which will easily be returned to the member with only one referral.

Question: Why are your listing rates so low to comparing to other directories?
Answer: We created a database where mortgage companies could find appraisers in any city. That's why we do not charge you hundreds off dollars to be listed on Appraiser-Directory.com.

Question: How can this site help me as an Appraiser?
Answer: Our simplified searching tool is a large draw to the site. Since this business is based on location and distance, our simplified searching capabilities gathers users attention.

Question: Isn't online listing expensive?
Answer: Online listing is one of the least expensive forms of advertising. We keep our prices very competitive. Listing is less than your E & O insurance, and why pay someone to make calls and annoy your potential customers. We make the calls for you.

If your questions were not answered here, please email our support department with any questions you may have info@appraiser-directory.com